Student Life

Your Student Life experience here is what makes Saint Mary's so special.

Integrated learning experiences that empower students to become engaged, global, and ethical persons. We encourage you to take a personal approach to the student experience, build self-confidence, provide reasonable boundaries that encourage respect for the individual and individual difference while motivating critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and unparalleled creativity.



Fall 2022 Challenge


Saint Mary's provides a safe, affordable, attractive, clean, comfortable, sustainable, and well-maintained living environment for all students.

Student Life fosters a holistic development of students by providing services that empower them to gain a better understanding of their personal potential through opportunities that cultivate leadership, meaningful relationships, and life-long learning in an inclusive environment. 

Earth Day 2019

Your time at SMC is all about being the best version of you, whether you’re a student, faculty member, staffer or alumnus. We offer a host of resources to keep the Gael Family happy and healthy.  

Saint Mary’s students will experience a sense of ownership for the community, a willingness to take intellectual risks and venture out of the familiar and common.

Cultural Grad Celebrations of the Past
Bus with "Lafayette Bart" on the front.

SMC Public Safety and the Office of Community Life are key departments within Student Life that work together to educate and protect SMC’s campus and create partnerships that encourage safety and mutual respect for the community.